Monumental sculptures

Resin and fiberglass -  height 2.50m width 1.20m lenght 3.30m


In her sculptures, Saone De Stalh captures all together, movement, heaviness and boldness. In the monumental horse sculptures of Saone de Stalh, the horse’s body seems to be breathing: the animal's natural anatomy is continuously present in the sculpture, from its first wooden structure till the final touch of its wonderful blue color.










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Horse sculpture

Small models

Bronze or resin and fiberglass - metal or plexiglass base - height 35cm width 1.1cm lenght 35cm

Along with the majestic monumental horse sculpture, the talent of Saone De Stalh is reflected through her small equestrian sculptures. Saone De Stalh applies the same technique and presents a rich collecton of unique artworks, smaller horses, each with a different gesture. The beauty of these little blue horses created by Saone De Stalh, whether presented one by one, or within a cavalcade, is simply seizing.










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Horse sculptue




Saone De Stalh is a young emerging French artist born in 1984. Since her early childhood, Saone de Stalh dreamt about an extraordinary project: presenting monumental equestrian and animal sculptures, a magnificent project which she is now fully devoted to.


“As far as I can remember, I’ve always had this visceral need to create and to sense the birth in my hands of the images that populate my dreams; but I only shared my creations with a very tight and confidential circle of persons admitted to cross the threshold of my studio. Create was just enough for me; I did not feel the need to compare my world with the regard to the outside world and its reality. However, the birth of my daughter was a revelation to my way of thinking about the future of my creations. Indeed, how could I tell her to believe in her abilities and in her dreams if I did not begin to live mine?”


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sculpteur / plasticienne


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Horse sculpture by Saône de Stalh